The Malaysian Mining Club regards and values all members of the Club. Some of the benefits the members will receive by being a part of the Club are:-

  • An opportunity to hear high profile speakers who will give insights to the Malaysian and global mining industry. Prepare speakers to take a lively ‘current affairs’ outlook to their story and to give something of a foothold presentation about their company growth, their passion, rocks to riches and the big picture behind their work.
  • The Club intends to provide a simple platform that consists of quality networking culture and reputable speakers.
  • Upon registration and attendance of an event, membership will be retained for life. Regular updates via email on upcoming events, invitations to members on exclusive events and current affairs will be mailed out on recurring basis.
  • To enter into arrangements for reciprocal privileges and facilities with other clubs or associations in Malaysia or any other parts of the world whose objectives are similar to the Club.
  • A Club that is owned by members and have the members sentiments reflected in the running of the Club.

Past Event
AMEI Forum Conference 2013
The 2nd Asian Mining and Energy Investment (AMEI) Forum will be held in Kuala Lumpur ...

- August 20 th and 21st 2013 | 9.00am - 5.00pm
- Shangri-La Hotel

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